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photography: Peter Zahel

Elisabeth Schuhmann, fine artist, landscape architect and author of studio ZWEI BIS VIER (“TWO TO FOUR”), specializes on the design of heterotopian spaces. *


Reciprocal dynamics unfold between the different media of painting and drawing (TWO) and the open space within its time-based changes (FOUR):

Graphic analytical tracings of the painterly process are starting points for speculative free-space-designs, in which the gesture of the brush stroke determines topographies and choices of material;

Observations in the open space of the city – always with a special attention to the ephemeral and the unintended, to places that develop sculptural qualities through the workers' activity in them or that become gardens without ever being planned as such through pioneer plants and their succession - get transferred to models for landscapes that stage post-catastrophic situations in the melancholy of the late Anthropocene while echoing in a Romantic tradition.

Metaphoric potentials of the landscape and methods of cartography eventually integrate into the painter's process and manifest on paper and canvas as the undertaking to disambiguate and: l o c a t e the ambivalent and heterotopian moment of painting.

ZWEI BIS VIER is presently situated in Munich, Germany, and finds itself in the stage of development.

* Heterotopias: (after Foucault) so called Other Spaces that work with their own set of rules against common societal norms, acting as anti-worlds i n the world, yet o u t s i d e of it.

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